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Guidelines for Food Tasting and Preparation

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General guidance for staff

The staff should ensure that they carry out a risk assessment before undertaking any activities associated with food particularly with regard to safety using equipment and allergies to food.

All ingredients that are to be used must be checked for ‘use before dates’ and stored in an appropriate place. All non-tinned/fresh food must be stored in the refrigerator. No unpasteurised milk products or uncooked meat products should be used in school. Fresh fruit and vegetables should be washed before use. Waxed table cloths should be laid on the working surface prior to baking, cooking or food tasting for hygiene purposes.

A copy of the following should be displayed and discussed with pupils:

When preparing,cooking and tasting food:

1. Remove all rings, watches and bracelets that may trap germs and bacteria.

2. Wash hands with antibacterial soap

Wear an apron

Roll up sleeves.

Tie back long hair.

Make sure all cuts are covered with a plaster.

Wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap after:

visiting the toilet

blowing your nose

coughing or sneezing

touching hair, or other parts of the body, or anybody else

When tasting do not pick up a piece of food and then replace it– once handled, a piece of food should be placed on your own plate.

Do not place a spoon or ‘dipper’ or cocktail stick back in the food after tasting.

10 Ensure food is covered if left lying out or put it into the fridge.

Clearing up

When you have finished, scrape any waste solids on to a paper towel and place in the bin.

All dishes/utensils should be washed up in sink in the staffroom.

Wash plate thoroughly in hot soapy water.

Use a clean tea-towel to dry dishes.

Save only food which comes in re-sealable containers, store according to manufacturers’ instructions and use by ‘sell by’ date.

Make sure all work surfaces are thoroughly wiped with anti-bacterial spray, and cloths washed and dried.

Refer to Highland Council Health and Safety Manual on Food Safety for further advice.


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